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Final Project:


The final project for this class will be a 6-8-minute presentation with an additional 2 minutes allotted for questions from fellow students.


The subject of the final presentation the creation of a novel genetic construct in order to imbue an organism with a novel function or trait. For instance, a student may be interested in seeing if they can genetically engineer a human iris to be fluorescently green. The following questions must be answered in the final presentation:

  • Why is this project appealing to do? Is the idea of green, glowing eyes a commentary on an issue you find relevant? Will this genetic construct help the organism?
  • What genetic elements are required for expression of green, fluorescent color in the Iris? What gene is required? What promoter is being used? Are additional regulatory elements required?
  • How do you propose the genetic construct be introduced to the organism? Do you plan on using current methods of gene therapy? Will you use bacterial transformation? Conjugation? Lentivirus? CRISPR-Cas? Cre-Recombinase?
  • What could go wrong? You are not actually creating this construct, but if you were to follow your own protocol, what adverse effects could the organism experience?

Students will also be required to submit a list of citations similar to the one submitted above. Each presentation must include at least one citation from a peer reviewed journal, but may include articles from popular press that express the need for such a construct as the one designed. The style of citation is not as important as consistency. Citations do need to be clear and easily identified by the instructor.

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Students will be graded on the following criteria:

  • Presentation style
  • Creativity and imagination of the project
  • Answering all 4 questions required of the project
  • Short but coherent summary with citations
  • Feasibility and assessment of feasibility

Note that feasibility and assessment of feasibility is only one consideration in judging of a project. Students are not required to completely understand all of the nuances of genetic engineering, but they are to be able to assess where more research would be required.


Topics CANNOT include the following below:


Used Presentation Topics

How to Make Sensitive Eyes Less Sensitive

Can We Genetically Remove Freckles?

Possibilities of Genetically Modified Honeybees?

A New Treatment for Pernicious Anemia

Tattoos and Sexual Selection

Controlling Genes With Your Thoughts

Giving Humans Night Vision



Dodecachromatic Vision in Humans

Neon Veins – Glowing Blood

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