Gender Sex Discrimination for the State of Maine

Discuss the differences in the state and federal laws surrounding discrimination for the state of Maine.

BUS4110 Human Resources and Employment Law


Objective: Familiarize students with the differences between federal and state anti-discrimination laws by describing, explaining, contrasting and analyzing the substance of and differences between state and federal anti-discrimination employment laws


This paper will be a comparison/contrast/analysis paper that explores the differences between state and federal anti-discrimination employment laws. Your paper must describe, explain, contrast, and analyze the applicable federal and state statutory/regulatory provisions, as well as important case law, regarding employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, and disability. Your paper must also describe and explain any areas where it appears that the state’s employment discrimination laws cover areas of employment discrimination not covered under federal laws. Finally, your paper must also describe, explain and contrast the minimum number of employees required before either federal law or state specific employment discrimination laws apply, as well as contrast the filing procedures for employment discrimination claims under both federal and state law.

 You must use APA Format.
 You may not choose your home state.
 You must include an Abstract.
 You must include a Title Page.
 You must include a Reference Page.
 In addition to an APA reference manual, you may want to look at this website , which may help you with APA format questions.
 Your Research & Analysis Paper will be evaluated per the Research & Analysis Paper Rubric.
 Your Research & Analysis Paper is worth 160 points.
 Your assignment is due Module 15.


Module 1
Assignment made; students to begin to research state anti-discrimination laws for analysis with the federal laws. Students will submit their state choice (NOTE YOU CANNOT USE YOUR HOME STATE) with accompanying essay explaining why the state was chosen. The essay should be a minimum of two paragraphs with logical development, an introduction, support, and conclusion.
Module 2
State choice and essay submitted. Instructor approves choice and student’s research becomes more in-depth (or starts over depending on instructor approval). Research will allow the student to provide a brief overview of anti-discrimination laws.
Module 3-14
Continue to research and write.
Module 15
Submit final copy of the Research & Analysis paper.

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