Gender Inequality and the Major or “Killer” Diseases

Analytic Essay : Gender Inequality and the Major or “Killer” Diseases


One theme of the course has been the impact of gender inequality on health and well being.   Your essay should discuss how gender inequality contributes to one ONE of the MAJOR PHYSICAL HEALTH PROBLEMS which women experience: Heart Disease, Cancer, HIV, Addiction or one of the Auto Immune Diseases.   Your essay should be specific and include references to course readings (at least 4 readings or other sources).

It should be at least seven full paragraphs long and include three parts:

  1. your own description of gender inequality – this should take other forms of inequality into account – global inequalities, racial and ethnic inequalities.
  2. an analysis of how gender inequality shapes women’s experience of ONE of the major physical health problems:  HIV or cancer or heart disease, addiction or one of the autoimmune diseases.
  3. policy and action implications – a discussion of what do you think we need to do to improve the well being of women, to address the underlying problem of gender inequality and specifically to reduce the number of women suffering and dying from the condition you identified.

For extra credit, describe some steps that activist women could take to organize to move forward on the problem you identified.



Readings for sources



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