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Gender as a social institution

How have you personally experienced gender as a social institution? Be specific and use examples.
Responses should be 1-2 typed double-spaced pages.
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Paradoxes of gender by Judith Lober full text

This video from the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend may help illuminate some of the issues surrounding “normal” sexualities discussed by Lorber in chapter 3. How does the main character in the video understand what it means to be bisexual? In what ways does the video critique commonly held views about bisexuality?

Lorber discusses the cultural creation of both women and men in chapter 5. Video games are often a site of conflict over women, women’s bodies, and gender issues, in general. This video considers video game bodies and the role of the male gaze in the creation of these bodies

Assignment 2

How do you practice your gender in everyday life? Provide specific examples.

Alternately: How can you apply the idea of “practicing gender” to the topic you chose for the first writing assignment?
Responses should be 1-2 double spaced pages.

This video will help you understand practice theory and gender in practice. How does the woman in the video “perform” her gender, if at all? How do the men perform their gender?


Gender as a social institution

This is a clip from the 80s movie “Mr. Mom.” How do you see the man in the movie (played by Michael Keaton) practicing gender?


Sociology Concepts Comprehension (Identity, Alienation, Rationality, Power)

Social Institutions and Gender 

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