Practicum Sample

Practicum – Assessing Clients Institution: Psychotherapy Individual: Prac 6640 6/21/2020 Also read: Developing PICCO topics and questions Practicum – Assessing Clients Part 1: Comprehensive Client Family Assessment Demographic Information Name: Camila R DOB: 2/20/1988 Age: 32 Gender: Female Race: Hispanic American … Continued

Interpreting and Identifying

Also read: Classroom Behavior Strategies Interpreting and Identifying 6 Interpreting and Identifying Name: Instructor: August 9,2020 Part I Characteristics Learning disabilities There are three types of learning disabilities, including dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia. These disabilities are characterized by poor comprehension and … Continued


You may also like Classroom Behavior Strategies WEEK 3 DISCUSSION 2 Week 3 Discussion The evaluation results showed that Henry has a specific learning disability (dyslexia) affecting his academic progress, particularly in reading and comprehension areas. Therefore, I would recommend the … Continued

Classroom Behavior Strategies

Also read: Universal Learning Characteristics CHARACTERISTICS 1 CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR STRATEGIES 6 Classroom Behavior Strategies Your First and Last Name University ESE601: Educating Students with Exceptionalities in the Schools Instructor Name Due Date Classroom Behavior Strategies Managing students’ problem behaviors can be … Continued

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