Franklin-Douglass Essay

After reading Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography and Frederick Douglass’s autobiography, write an essay comparing and contrasting the two books.
Try to include the following items:
– What was each man’s’ purpose or intention or aim in his work?
– what did each emphasize in his recollection?
-what did each tell the readers about his circumstances, the very practical parts of his life: his family; where he lived; what he did day by day; who he associated with?
-what did each have to say about his social life and intellectual interest?
-what were the big events in life for each; what did each emphasize?
-what were the similarities and differences between the lives?
-of course, what did you think of these 18th and 19th century men and the reminiscences, and did you see relevance for 21st century people in these accounts?
In writing, certainly use excerpts from the books. the simplest sort of reference, the author and page number in parentheses is fine.
include the publishing information for each book at the end of your essay.

Last Updated on February 10, 2019