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Week 2 Forum

This week, our lessons focus on research processes, but we’re also thinking about how we read arguments, and how arguments are structured. Since we’re starting to think about argument structure, our focus, with the readings, won’t be on what is said, but on how it is said.

There is a forum thread for each of the pieces in the Historical American Works section of the supplemental reading list, and each is up for open discussion.

I’d like you to comment on how the argument is structured, and how the various elements (the main claim, the tone of the reading, the structure of the reading, the “hook” that draws you in) come together in the piece. With the exception of the first poster (who has plenty of latitude here), I’d like you to read and join the conversation, rather than putting up a “cold” post responding to the main prompt. This is discussion, so let’s treat it as such.


These are the different articles that we have to choose from to write about.

Catt, Carrie Chapman. “Address to the Congress on Women’s Suffrage”

King, Martin Luther, Jr. “I Have a Dream”

Jefferson, Thomas. “The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America”

Lincoln, Abraham. “Gettysburg Address”

Weisel, Elie. “Indifference”


Week 3 Forum

This week, we’re getting deeper into argument evaluation, and we’re thinking specifically how arguments work, and how the different parts come together.

So,  for our forum, we’ll be discussing each of the three Aristotlean modes of persuasion (Ethos, Pathos, and Logos), and thinking about how they come into play in the readings for the week.

There will be three threads. Please post on at least two, and please post at least four times.

Also, please follow the conversation–unless you are actually the first poster, don’t try to re-start the conversation by addressing the prompt.  Just go with the flow.


I’m responsible for making my initial post for one of those topics ethos, pathos, or logos. My forum post should be at least 250 words for each forum.


Week 5 Forum: Issues Facing the International Community Essay Discussion 121 unread of 121 messages Forum Prompt View Full Description

Review the readings listed under “Issues Facing the International Community” on the Supplemental Reading list, then follow the guidelines in the individual threads.

Let’s evaluate this source.

Is it a Toulmin? How do you know?

Is it a useful source, for a research paper? How do you know?

As always, follow the conversation–unless you’re the first poster, you shouldn’t be answering the prompt cold.


Issues Facing the International Community

Ahmed, Leila. “Veil of Ignorance”

Caldeira, Ken. “The Great Climate Experiment”

Colin, Nicholas and Bruno Palier. “The Next Safety Net: Social Policy for a Digital Age”

Jenkins, Mark. “The Healing Fields”

Haass, Richard N. “Where To Go From Here”

I need to write about 2 of these topics; nothing less than 250 words a piece.


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Ryan Harper(Jan 8, 2019 10:48 AM)– Read by: 15

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A little bit of a redirect in the forums this week.

We’re starting in on a new form of argument, and I know you’ve just barely had a chance to digest the last form, and though the Toulmin is in, the Rogerian looms … and this is the transition point in the course that students tend to have the most difficulty with.

So, this is an open forum, for you to bring up questions, concerns, and observations, particularly about the Rogerian form, and how it differs from the Toulmin. This is also a good space to float ideas for the next paper, and pin a few things down.

I’d like to see everyone post early and often–this isn’t one to leave to Sunday night.


Rogerian is the next writing style.


Week 7 Forum: Rogerian Speech Discussion Forum Prompt

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Think about an issue under debate in your own life (and yes, it can be personal/domestic here), and write your own piece on that issue, using the Rogerian style of argumentation.  Who is is the opposition here, and how would you win them over?


You might also find this video on the Rogerian form helpful:





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