Fine Arts Media and Historical Context

Fine Arts Media and Historical Context Overview:

Choose an art media and an artist who works in that media.
Research and Describe the process and materials the artists used.
Include historical and cultural background.


1. Length: Minimum of 500-words/about 2 pages, double-spaced) not including title page and works cited page.
2. Outside research requirements—at least 2 sources, and textbook
3. Use MLA Citation format (cite in-text and on a citations page at the end)
4. Submit a reflection paragraph (about 100 words)


The objectives of this assignment is to write a two-page paper:
• Describe and analyze the artist’s process—how the work is made
• Understand the historical influences


Fine Arts Media and Historical Context Details:

Minimum of 2 typed pages/500 words, double-spaced, that include the following:

1. Introduce your topic, identify the Medium and Artist

Choose a medium:
Drawing * Printmaking * Painting * Photography * Film * Sculpture *

Choose an artist from the textbook chapter on your chosen media

2. Research and describe the process of one medium the artist used most frequently in their work.

• Identify and research one medium the artist primarily work in. Be specific.
• Describe the process, step by step, which the artist used to create the works. In other words, how was the work made? Include tools and materials that were used and how the artist acquired the tools and necessary materials.

3. Research and discuss relevant historical and cultural background of the artist. Identify the historic time periods and the Art Styles, such as Renaissance, Impressionism, Surrealism, etc., Consider any historic events or cultural background that may have had an effect on the artist, the medium, or the artwork.


4. In conclusion, you can discuss how understanding the process of the medium adds to your understanding and appreciation of the work? You might choose to discuss whether the artist uses the medium in an innovative way or a traditional way, or what specific skills were needed to create the work.

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