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PART A- Assignment 1 excel spreadsheet  

  1. The purpose of this template is to gather data that will be analyzed and discussed in the Assignment Part B submission. Insert the name of the company in the “Company 1 AMAZON or Company 2 WALMART

2″ headings so we know which company is being reviewed.

  1. The template uses the terminology in the CFO Guidebook chapter on Risks.
  2. Risks of the company are disclosed in the annual 10-K report section Item 1A Risk Factors. Use the risks in the 10-K as your basis for your template. You can also get additional risks from the Morningstar Analyst Report, or from news articles about the company.  Try to narrow down the laundry list of risks to a few unique (only applies to one company but not the other) and major risks.
  3. There is no “magic” number of risks to be included in your template. Try to aim for 3-5 risks per company to compare and analyze. Pick the risks.
  4. You can delete extra rows or add rows. You can also change the font size and the column widths.  Keep the headings standard. While not a requirement, if you believe an additional column is required to better describe/classify your risks, then add it.
  5. While not a requirement, you can copy/paste the Excel completed table as a picture to your Word document if it makes it easier to reference in your analysis and recommendations.


  1. Summarize your Analysis and Recommendations by addressing the following questions:
    1. Where is each company in its corporate lifecycle (startup, growth, maturity, or decline)? Explain.
    2. Based on your review of the analysts’ reports and the 10-K reports, which company appears to have more risk? Why?
    3. Which categories of risk pose the greatest threat to each organization? Why?
    4. Which company has the stronger economic moat? Explain.
    5. For the company that has the weaker economic moat, what two risk factors should they prioritize to improve their risk mitigation and strengthen their competitive advantage? Make specific reference to the applicable risk management tools discussed on pages 30- 63 of The CFO Guidebook.


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