Financial and economic interpretation and communication

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Subject:  financial and economic interpretation and communication

Discussion forum:


Week 4:

Do you have a bias for financial performance measures? Or non-financial ones? Why?


Week 7:

Do you think sustainability reporting should be mandatory for all organisations? Why or why not?


Week 8:

Do you believe that business ethics is relative? In other words, do you think what might be highly unethical in one company (or country) could be entirely ethical in another? Give an example to support your answer.


Week 9:

In your opinion, is perpetual economic growth sustainable? If not, what’s the alternative?


Week 10:

This week’s workshop and online resources have used accounting methods to determine investment appraisal. But what about intuition? Do you think that has a role to play in making investment decisions?


Week 11:

Overall, do you think free trade agreements present more of a benefit or more of a disadvantage?


Week 12:

Do you think it’s possible for businesses to be successful irrespective of macroeconomic policy? How so?

To score well students need to ensure that they answer the question with reference to relevant theory/content from that week’s materials. The answers need to be considered and address the question. Students do not need to write more than 200 words per answer. 2) Critically evaluate at least five responses to forum questions of other students throughout the trimester. Students may want to consider the following when formulating these responses:  Has the answer applied the correct theory/concept to analysing and addressing the forum question?· How successfully has this been done?  Is there a better way to address the question using theory from the course and/or other· considerations? If so, briefly, what is it? There are ten forums throughout the trimester for students to choose from.


Information: for each week there a slides of information uploaded s the same number of the question, for example: week 1, use week 1 slides

Please use these slides information with including research form books and journals .

For each forum write around 200 words, and under each week  when answered write references under it, around 3 references for each week.

For example : week 1: answer than under it  references.

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