Financial accounting analysis

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Group Assignment # 1 –

Through this assignment your group will begin to complete a comprehensive analysis of a company.  Submit your response to Brightspace (only one submission per group required – ensure each group members name and A number are listed on the coverpage of your submission)


The company can be chosen from the list below, and you will continue to work with this company for your second group assignment.


Potential Companies:

Bell Canada


Use the company’s investor information sites and SEDAR to access information required to respond to the following:





20 marks

  • Financial Analysis
    1. Calculate five (5) ratios that you feel will give you some useful information about COMPANY NAME. (You may only select 5 and the first 5 will be marked.)
    2. Explain what each of these ratios tells you about COMPANY NAME.
  • Calculate the same ratios you selected in ‘i’ for the previous year.





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