Film & Theater studies

In her classic essay (some might say manifesto) of 1975, Laura Mulvey uses psychoanalysis to analyze why women are represented as “there-to-be-looked-at.” What does she mean by that? How does the male gaze use fetishism and sadism in the way women are represented and seen? What is the solution she proposes?

In her response to Laura Mulvey’s essay of 1975, Mary Ann Doane focuses on the way women look at film (whereas Mulvey focused on how men look at film, or the male gaze). How does she describe how women look at film? And what is the theory of the masquerade? How does her theory of the masquerade possibly inform how we as film theorists can look at the ways that women are represented in film?


Read the articles (Laura Mulvey and Mary Ann Doane) and answer the following questions. Also, each question needs at least two paragraphs and need to provide these statement. Moreover, be careful about grammar.
In addition, the connection between argument and evidence is clearly and compellingly articulated in all cases.

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