Film Analysis

This week we are reading about class in America, and thinking about how class is represented in popular media. Building upon the skills we developed last week, we are focusing on level-3 theses, as well.


Using one of the “frames” described by Kendall (pp. 425-430), analyze how class is represented in a TV show or movie of your choice. Compare that representation to the reality of class in America, with reference to at least one other article from this week.

Pick one of these frames for your analysis:

consensus framing
admiration framing
emulation framing
thematic framing
episodic framing
caricature framing
middle-class values framing


10 paragraphs with TEAL
Reference these three sources:
The television show you have selected
One other article (Mantsios or Aja, et al.)
MLA citations and Works Cited page are required this week


Use a level-3 thesis.
Keep using TEAL paragraphs. Don’t forget to link to your thesis in your paragraphs to show how your idea gains complexity.
Be sure you spend some time summarizing your TV show. Assume that I have not seen it.
Also, reference specific moments in your analysis.
Pay attention to the feedback you get on Essay 1, and use that feedback to help you improve in Essay 2.
The rubric is the same as for Essay 1.Preview the document

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