Field Experience A: Learner Development

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Spend at least 3 hours to complete this part of the clinical field experience.
Complete field experiences from the Focused Field Experience Activity List A:
• Formally assess the performance of a student with a language disability for data that could be used to guide future scaffolded instruction. (InTASC 1)
• If you are unable to assess an individual with exceptionalities without proper
certification per your state regulations on special education, please work with
your mentor teacher to discuss the results of the assessment to help complete
the assignment.
• Modify instruction for a student who has a language disability to make instruction relevant, accessible, and challenging. (InTASC 1)
• Observe a student who has atypical language development in an educational setting (classroom). (InTASC 1)
• Observe a student who has atypical language development in a non-educational setting (cafeteria, playground, etc.). (InTASC 1)
• Observe a student with an auditory processing disorder. (InTASC 1)

Your field experiences should include a mix of K-8 and 9-12 grade level settings and students with language disabilities. Reflect upon your field experience choices in a 250-500-word summary.

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