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Beautiful Curves is created to offer plus sized women lingerie that is appealing, functional and most importantly made from sustainable fabrics. Beautiful Curves is a brand name that stands for inclusiveness because no matter the size everyone’s curves are beautiful. There may be other plus size lingerie brands but none that offer sustainable garments within their designs. A constant theme that will be implemented into the designs of the lingerie is how important functionality is to the curvier women and contributing towards a greener environment. Women are tired of these lingerie brands promoting fit when in reality it does not serve the body justice. Beautiful Curves wants to offer a unique shopping experience like no other. With an assortment of styles and trends that fit, the brand will pave the way for sustainable textiles within lingerie.

Our mission statement is to “Be the leading sustainable lingerie brand for curvier women and helping them embrace sexiness in their own skin.” The mission statement gives a gist of what the beautiful curves company stands for, making sure women who do not fit the normal cookie cutter body norm are represented and feel empowered along with being the very first lingerie brand to offer sustainable products to our customers. By 2020, millennials will make up a large part of the global workforce demographics and business will now have to cater to their preferences. Millennials identify with sustainability as a factor that influences their purchasing habits (Pratt, 2017).

What sets Beautiful Curves apart from any other lingerie brand is the unique selling proposition of sustainable textiles in our lingerie. Sustainable fabrics such as the Ahimsa silk uses a method that does not kill the moth pupa, unlike other conventional uses of extraction where cocoons are boiled and lead to the death of the pupae (Lee, 2014). In the lingerie industry it is important to have a knowledgeable staff that will assist in sizing and the correct selections for the curvier women. Our brand wants to insure that knowledgeability to all of our customers each time they walk into one of our locations or shop online, they leave feeling enlightened on how to make intelligent purchases for their body shape.
Fit is also very important to the Beautiful Curves brands. Majority of lingerie companies take the standard 34B bra, and gradually measure up or down to create the sizing meaning that this one fit model creates the sizes for all of the women around the world (Zak, 2017). The sizing for the brand needs to be unique just like the brand’s customers.

Basic Brand Elements

Beautiful Curves is based out of the United States, and is a lingerie company that designs appealing lingerie for plus size female consumers, who are on an epic life’s journey to find sexy under garments.  The logo uses light lavenders, and dark plum purple which accents the feminine side of the curvier women. The logo conveys a sexy silhouette of a plus size model which is appealing and sexy yet demanding attention of our plus size female customers. Who is waiting to be beautiful, sexy, and most importantly herself.  The Beautiful Curve Merchandise color pallet consist of beige, black, magenta, light plum, dark plum, and gold bringing forth the feminine essence of the plus size women. Also conveying to the world curves should be embraced not hidden. The font used in the Beautiful Curves Logo is Edwardian Script which makes it fun and attractive to the eye.

We use Edwardian Script to convey a world of complete beauty just like the European Monarchs did in palaces, statues, and other fancy works of art.  Based on the prior analysis by the Beautiful Curves Corporation our target customer are females in the White, Black and Hispanic racial demographics who happens to have a bosom body type, or who is in the 12-24 size range, and happens to fall within the age ranges of 20-40 years of age. The target market for Beautiful Curves is geared towards mothers, wives, sisters, and aunts; women who are single, fresh out of college and have a great amount of disposable income can also invest in the Beautiful Curves affordable array of sustainable plus size lingerie options.  Lastly since the data researched on the internet clearly show Blacks, White and Latinos have more curves than Asians and happen to be more overweight than the females 20-40 in those ethnic groups with be our target customers at Beautiful Curves.

​Beautiful Curves is a company located on Broadway, NY.  The physical location, has the vision of being the leading sustainable lingerie brand for curvier women, meet their feminine needs and embrace sexiness in their own skin. Our products are made using sustainable and eco-friendly textiles such as cotton, lace, and silk.

Our target market consists of females between 20 and 40 years old (White, Black, and Hispanic) in urban or rural areas that would like to have trendy, comfortable and sustainable lingerie designs.

For any start-up, it is vital to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that the business is likely to face (Hill et al. 48). These four aspects constitute the SWOT analysis, and that have been provided of the analysis these aspects.


One major strength of our company has is the use of sustainable textiles which will cause minimal damage to the environment, hence our lingerie will be a preferred to most customers (Sherburne,2009). Another strength is a ready market. Our plus size and custom-made lingerie will cater for customers whose needs are not met by other lingerie companies, thus offering satisfaction. Our sizing will also be unique different to that of other lingerie brands because our customers are unique and need lingerie that is functional.


Some of the major weaknesses include provision of lingerie products for a specific size and age bracket, as it tends to limit our customer size and the gender limit since only plus-sized female customers are being targeted. As well as those who are most of a certain age bracket between 18-50, that can purchase our products. As a start up brand we have a limited presence within the United States and around the world.


There are three major opportunities. Location expansion to other areas is an opportunity for us to reach out to more customers. In the future, we may consider opening stores in other areas in New York and also expand our businesses to other cities in the Unites States. Licensing is necessary, and for us, it will be an opportunity to access funding, various protections by the law and permission to expand to more locations (Anand and Tarun 130). Another key opportunity for growth is product spin-offs. In the future, there be may an introduction to new products in the market such as ladies’ tops and tights, after having a well-established brand in the market. Guaranteeing a market for our novel products.


Competition always poses a threat from both existing lingerie companies and those that may arise in future (Bengtsson et al. 419). Economy changes in the future which may result in customers opting for cheaper products.
Another threat is negative publicity which may arise from criticism due to negative body image promotion. In other words, it is a negative image promotion as experts believe that they are promoting obesity. This is mostly targeted towards the plus sized clothing line industry itself and the plus sized models who aid in the promotion and advertisement of this specific industry.

Product Classification and Pricing plan

Our products are consumer products since lingerie is purchases by the consumer. With Beautiful Curves being a specific brand of lingerie with unique features sought after by specific consumers, it is in the class of specialty consumer products (Gardner 275). Among the ‘4 Ps’ of a marketing strategy is the pricing. A pricing plan or strategy is vital in determining the best way to introduce the product in the market. Penetrating marketing strategy would be the most ideal method  for any new product in the market. It involves setting prices lower than that of the market prices (Noble and Thomas 437). With a price of $20-$100 being fairly lower than prices of products from other companies, we are likely to attract and draw more customers.

Beautiful Curves Corporate Responsibility

Today’s consumers hold companies to a higher standard than ever before. As a brand, our objective is to always supply our consumer with high quality, functional, and fashionable lingerie. In order to do so, as a company we take great pride in making sure we produce goods that are not harmful to our consumers or the environment. At Beautiful Curves, we recognize how important social responsibility is to our consumers. We want to do our fair share of making the world a better place for not only women with beautiful curves, but for everyone in general.

Environmental Efforts

One of our primary focuses when it comes to the topic of social responsibility is the environment. Beautiful Curves is making strides towards reducing our carbon footprint. Our products will be manufactured in safe eco- friendly environments where workers are compensated and treated fairly. Our clothing will be manufactured in the U.S.A where labor and environmental laws are heavily enforced in order to do so here are a few steps to ensure that we are on the right path.

  • The use high quality natural fibers such as cotton and silk that is sustainable and naturally produced.
  • The use environmentally sustained cellulose fibers such as lyocell, modal, and rayon.
  • Use like whole garment knitting to reduce textile pollution.
  • Treating fibers with natural, botanical or AZO-free dyes
  • Use water efficient and low impact dyeing methods.
  • Environmentally safety precautions for the collection, treatment and disposal of waste.
  • Sourcing and manufacturing locally to reduce the impact of transporting materials.

Fair Trade Development

At Beautiful Curves we support Fair Trade. Our company believes in putting the environment and people first. Beginning with the manufacturing process through to the point of purchase, we commit to making the right choices for our consumer. Being able to create income sustainability for all of our employees is a must. Earnings should fulfill all basic household needs for our employees. Our standards ensure that each worker will be able to live well within their means regardless of market prices and or conditions. In order to do so our company will research and create income standards based on the prices of living in the areas we manufacture, produce, and sell clothing.

Social Responsibility

Company guidelines and code of ethics will be heavily enforced. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated at Beautiful Curves.Our Employee Code of Conduct policy outlines our expectations for our employees. The Code of Conduct illustrates behavior towards employer, employees, supervisors and overall organization. Beautiful Curves promotes freedom of expression and most importantly we encourage open communication. We expect all employees to follow our code of conduct. We expect our employees to work within a well-organized, safe, and respectful environment.

This policy applies to all employees regardless of position or rank within the company. Company employees are bound by a contract to follow our Code of Conduct. All employees must protect our company’s legality. They should comply and follow all environmental, safety, and fair trade laws. We expect employees to be ethical and responsible when dealing with our company’s finances, products, partnerships and public image.


Social Media will be one of the company’s biggest resources. Brand awareness and public relations will be a major component in the company’s launch and development. Our company will be active on social media. We will create a team solely based on expanding brand awareness on social media.  Along with our website and app, we will have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a snapchat account. We will use public relations contacts to establish relationships with the top fashion bloggers and influencers. We will get involved in the Curve Expo catering to women’s lingerie. Establish relationships and create endorsements with top plus size models such as Ashley Graham, Tess Holliday, and Candice Huffine.

Omni Channel Analysis

Omni channel retailing isn’t solely about multi-channel retailing. We want to give our consumer the best shopping experience possible. The goal is to have several brick and mortar locations, an ecommerce website, and a mobile app. We want to fuse all of those avenues and create an easy yet successful shopping experience.

At our Beautiful Curves locations, we will equip our store associates with iPads, to give shoppers on the spot information on product availability and services. This also allows the staff to ring up customers from anywhere in the location. The iPad will be used for many functions such as; placing ecommerce orders for the customer, size availability, location of the item, and specifications on the item. This will eliminate time searching for items in stock. This makes it easier to find and ship to the e commerce and app users.

In store services will be a big way for our company to satisfy the needs of our target market. Having an expert concierge on plus size lingerie sizes and fits can help boost sales. Our in store experts can measure, personal shop and create special orders for consumers. By catering to our customer, we make them feel more like family and gain their loyalty.

The ecommerce website will be beneficial for the company. The website will be a virtual store that gives you the feel of being in a real in store location from the comfort of wherever you reside. A personal virtual concierge can be assigned to you if needed to assist you with your shopping needs. Data will need to be collected about the client in order to find the best possible fits. Basic ecommerce functions will be offered on the website as well. Such as  easy ship to store and pickup options, easy special order options, and a wide arrange of options for products.

The app will have most of the same features at the website. The app will just be a more efficient and quicker way to get an already established consumer their goods. A user of the app will be an already familiar customer of the brand. With the app you can buy products, review services and collect reward points from the homepage or your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

A rewards program will be an incentive proposed to the consumer in exchange for their loyalty to the brand. With each purchase their will be point earned toward a reward. The more points you earn the more rewards you will receive. The reward will vary from, exclusive deals and coupons, to free selected lingerie items, or money off of shipping or selected items. We want our consumer to grow with us as a brand. We will research and  perfect marketing methods to ensure our company surpasses its goals and expectations.

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Beautiful Curve’s Bra and Panties design sexy beige


Plus size Women

Design #- 000sexyp2017

Fall season 2017

Fabric- 100% Organic cotton blended with spandex

Panties Sizes- 10-25

Bra size- 32- 54

Bra cup-C-I

Bra- 100% lace cotton with

Price bra- $15.95 customization 99.95+

Panties- $14.95 customization 99.95+

Color- sexy Beige


Bra Spec sheet

Panties Spec Sheet

Waist- 22”

Hip- 39”

Hip- 2.5”

Rise- 1”


Beautiful Curves Teddy Lingerie design


Plus size Women

Design #- 000sexyp2017

Fall season 2017

Bra size- 32- 54

Bra cup-C-I

Bra- 100% lace cotton with

Price teddy- $15.95 customization 99.95+

Color- sexy plum


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Design #- 000sexyp2017

Waist – 40”

Hips – 39”

Rise -11”


Bra – organic cotton retail price 15.95

Underwear – Organic cotton $14

Teddy – silk and lace $35.95

Beautiful Curves will outsource their amisha silk from india.

Cost Sheet

Our silk $3 pr yard

Trimming lace $6 yard only using half of a yard 12in’

organic cotton $5 per yard

garments will be manufactured in India and shipped to the USA via boat at the cost .35 cents.

Cost of silk


Merchandising Calendar for the month of October/December

Get our fabric from Mehera Shaw they offer amesha silk

  • Organic printed cotton cambric, designed by Mehera Shaw.
    Fabric is GOTS certified organic, printed with low impact, AZO free dyes.
  • 5-8 business days (Order Samples)
  • Begin Production Receive Samples from production
  • Place order
  • Have everything all merchandise close to Nov. Thanksgiving

Receive new merchandise at the beginning of November

Offer heavy promotion for black Friday and holiday shopping

Labor cost for India $3.87


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