Family Instability

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The business of criminal justice is not currently, nor has it ever been, supportive of the offender’s family. From arrest, to court proceedings, to sentencing, to confinement; the needs and desires of an offender’s family are not considered relevant.

While experts contend that inmates who stay connected to their partners and children fare better during and after incarceration, efforts to provide widespread institutional support and funding does not exist due to the logistical challenges of incarceration such as location of the facility, transportation costs, unemployment, visitation policies, and school schedules.

Family therapy also requires a level of desire and commitment to address issues that the offender or his or her family members may not have.

For this discussion reflect, on how the day-to-day business of criminal justice agencies threatens the stability of families. Address the following:

  • Describe how you would structure a family therapy program at a correctional facility.
  • Recommend family-level support interventions for the offender during incarceration.
  • Explain what accommodations you would want for an offender after his or her release.


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