Families and Health

Families and Health

Term Assignment


Assignment Objectives

This assignment aims to increase the student’s awareness of the important relationships between health, well-being and social environments such as families. Students will choose ONE of the suggested topic headings and prepare a short paper discussing the connections between the identified social determinant of health and family-related issue.

Students will draw from a number of resources, including peer reviewed journals, textbooks, newspaper articles, class discussion, and lecture notes to complete the assignment.


Topic Headings

Choose ONE of the following:


  • Early childhood experiences and poverty


  • Social exclusion and family experiences of recent immigrants to Canada


  • Issues of addiction (substance abuse/smoking) and its affect on family relationships


  • Social support and chronic illness in the family


  • Work, stress, family life and care-giving


Format and Instructions

Part A: Introduction

  • State the purpose of the paper and outline what will be discussed
  • Define your chosen social determinant of health and explain its relevance to overall health and well-being. If necessary, include any variations in your health definition
  • Make the connection between your social determinant of health and the family-related issue


Part B: Literature Review

  • Begin reading on your selected topic: Choose FIVE peer reviewed journal articles and/or book chapters that relate specifically to your social determinant of health and family issue (See “FNF100.Family.Studies.Resource.List.doc” to get started.)
  • Gather other needed information from newspapers, magazines, class discussions and lecture notes
  • Synthesize the main issues presented in this body of work in your paper
  • Don’t just describe the main points, provide some critical perspective


Part C: Reflections/Conclusion

  • Explain the importance of this family-related issue for health practitioners
  • Where do we go from here? What is needed in order to further raise awareness of this health concern?



  • Assignment must be 5 pages in length and completed independently


  • Assignment must be typed, double-spaced and paginated


  • 12 font and 1 inch margins are expected. Subheadings are acceptable.


  • All submissions must include a title page: citing student name; date of submission; and course name and number


  • Referencing: APA (6th edition) academic format


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