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Excel and Problem Scoping

Assignment Overview

For this Case assignment, you will apply basic Excel functions use as a tool (spreadsheet) to store, analyze and manipulate data. Use the spreadsheet and the linked Excel Tutorial Video provided to learn the steps required for each part of the Case assignment. Use the optional readings in your Background page to locate additional Excel help and tutorials.

The spreadsheets that you will create for this assignment all have multiple elements. Make sure that you follow the Case Assignment and Assignment Expectations very closely. Also make sure that you provide written explanations for each of the questions in the Case Assignment. Do not simply create a numerical spreadsheet that requires the reader to analyze and answer the questions. For example, #1 under the Case Assignment has three elements you must provide: 1) Create a spreadsheet in which you calculate each region’s order totals. 2) Write out on the spreadsheet which region had the highest sales. 3) Write out on the spreadsheet that region’s percent of total sales. Do the same for #2 by writing out which rep had the highest sales. Do not forget to do #3, create a bar chart or pie graph to illustrate the trends.  Double-check your work against the requirements before uploading the spreadsheet.

Case Assignment

Manipulate the data in this sample order spreadsheet to answer the following questions:

Sort your spreadsheet and then calculate each region’s order totals using Excel sort and “sum” functions. Which region’s order generated the highest dollar amount?  What percent of total sales does this region represent?

Sort your spreadsheet and then calculate each region’s order totals using Excel sort and “sum” functions. Which rep generated the highest sales?

Create a bar chart or a pie graph to illustrate both of these trends.

Save each sort and submit it as a worksheet in your Excel workbook. Label each worksheet.

Assignment Expectations

Save and submit your work on the sample spreadsheet as an Excel Workbook to show your sorting and totaling results as individual worksheets. For example, Worksheet 1 should be titled “Region;” Worksheet 2 should be titled “Rep;” and Worksheet 3, “Graphs.” In the summary, upload the following into the Case 3 drop box by the module due date:

1 Excel workbook with 3 worksheets

NOTE: You do not need to submit a cover or reference page for this assignment, but please add your name to each worksheet.

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