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The essay is an Evaluation essay and these are some of the things my instructor is looking for.
For the essay, evaluate the effects and/or implications of the a technological device, service, or activity that you are familiar with based on your own experience and/or observation. Some possibilities:
*a household technology like microwave oven
*a video streaming like Netflix, or a music service like Spotify
*a social or communication technology like facebook or texting
As you begin to move towards the first draft of your evaluation essay, I’d like you to first explain your subject to me. Tell me about it in a couple of paragraphs, making sure to include answers to the following questions:

What are you evaluating? Is it a thing, a trend, an activity? Remember that we’re interested in evaluating the effects and/or implications of the subject, not just the thing itself.

What is your initial judgment about it? Is it good or bad overall, or do you think it’s more complicated than that?

Consider your audience: how much do they know about your subject? How much do they care? Are they more likely to agree or disagree with your judgment?

What opposing viewpoints can you think of? Are you more likely to concede their points or refute them? Why?

I’d also like you to tell me a little about what others are saying/writing about your subject. Briefly describe two sources you found that discuss either the effects or the implications of your subject (or a related subject, if you really can’t find anybody writing about exactly what you’re going to write about). Tell me what, in general, the writers’ main claims were, what support, if any, they used, and how, if at all, reading their texts has changed how you think about your subject

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