Ethics Essay 3

As you have been reading about virtue ethics, you may have been wondering about your own virtues. But it can be quite to tough for any of us to evaluation our own character in an objective manner. There are tools designed to help managers do self-assessments. One such tool is called the Values in Action Character Strengths Test.

For the first week of this module, take this test (it is free) and see what your results are. Do you think it is accurate in terms of describing your character strengths? How these strengths compare to the virtues discussed in the background readings? Any areas that you want to improve upon based on your results?

For the second week of this module, pick one or more of the following fictional characters:

Forrest Gump
Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory
Walter White from Breaking Bad
What virtues (if any) do you think these characters have or try to have? Do any of the virtues from the background readings apply to any of these characters? Or do you think they follow some completely different code of ethics from what you read about it the background readings? I’m confident most of you in the class have a good familiarity with at least one of these characters, but if not feel free to pick another fictional character that you think is a good illustration of any of the concepts from the background readings.

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