Ethics Assignment

Ethics Assignment #1

100 points



Answer the following from your reading in Chapter 1.  Use complete sentences and correct grammar. Fully address and explain each. 


  1. Name three ways the development of radar in World War II stimulated advances in computing.



  1. What was the motivation for the creation of higher-level programming languages? How did the introduction of higher-level programming languages change computing?



  1. In what way did the Cold War accelerate the development of technology needed for the personal computer?



  1. What was the principal innovation of the IBM System/360?



  1. What is the difference between a circuit-switched network and a packet-switched network?



  1. Why does the Internet have a decentralized structure?



  1. How did the National Science Foundation stimulate the creation of commercial, long-distance data networks in the United States?


  1. Berners-Lee decided to build the World Wide Web on top of the TCP/IP protocol. Why did this decision help ensure the success of the Web?


  1. What is a search engine? Describe the two types of search engines (in terms of how each one actually functions).


  1. Name three inventions described in this chapter that were created for a military application.


Ethics Assignment 2

– 100 points



Preface:Chapter 2 is packed with information.  A brief explanation is given for the most popular ethical theories that are employed today in discerning courses of action when an ethical dilemma arises.  The right course of action can be a common, personal decision, a work group or workplace issue, or a legal/governmental/legislative matter that affects us all.  It’s important to be familiar with these various theories as it opens our minds to seeing alternative points of view and the reasoning that may exist in our societal viewpoints and the laws of our land.  And also, how and why these may differ around the world based on the morals of a given culture.


As such, this assignment is structured to ensure that each student has gained that familiarity with these popular, ethical theories and is prepared to move through the remainder of the course.


Directions:  Chapter 2 of your text presents ethical theories in a structured, neatly outlined format for you, which is provided below.In YOUR OWN WORDS, use a few sentences to explain the meaning of each theory.


  1. Subjective Relativism
  2. Cultural Relativism
  3. Divine Command Theory
  4. Ethical Egoism
  5. Kantianism
    1. Good Will and the Categorical Imperative – first formulation
    2. Good Will and the Categorical Imperative – second formulation
  6. Act Utilitarianism
    1. Principle of Utility
  7. Rule Utilitarianism
  8. Social Contract Theory
    1. Rawl’s Theory of Justice
  9. Virtue Ethics
    1. Virtues and Vices



Upload your answers to the above to blackboard


Ethics Assignment #3

– 100 points



Preface:In Chapter 2 we learned some ethical theories and read through general scenarios where these ethical theories were applied and the cases for and against each application was discussed. 


In Chapter 3, we see these same theories applied to a variety of technologies and/or cases in which social/ethical dilemmas arose from the use or abuse of technologies.  This is a very useful practice in determining situational outcomes as it ensures thorough examination and considerations from multiple perspectives.


For example, section 3.6 covers the right to Freedom of Expression, with 3.6.3 offering legal context.  An ethical question is posed in the exercising to this right in a case study “Kate’s Blog” in section 3.6.4 on page 130.  Then, under this same section (3.6.4), we see an examination of this right and its ethical correctness in case, through the lenses of Immanuel Kant (Kantianism), Jeremy Benthan & John Stewart Mill (Utilitarianism), Thomas Hobbes (Social Contract) and Aristotle (Virtue Ethics). 



Directions:You are to write a one page paper on the following topic:


What do you see as the benefits and harms of the Internet? Be sure to talk about how the internet impacts children.

Your paper must be done professionally, grammar correct etc…


You are to use 1” margins all around, times 12 font and double spaced.

Papers that are not done in the manner described will have points taken off.


Remember that there are no exams for this class and your grade comes directly from your assignments.

Ethics Assignment #4

100 points


You are to write a one page paper on the following:

You have been contracted to write a software package for Doctors in the Orthopaedic department at UPMC.  The software you have written will store a great amount of details for the Doctor’s surgery.

You have been paid for writing the custom software, and now the head of the Department wants to give the software to another Department to store their surgical information as well.

Should you allow them to “hand over” your software without any compensation.

Using the information in Chapter 4, please argue either way as to if you will allow the software to be copied.  You may take either side, but you must back up your stand.

Remember that the paper is to be 1″margins all around, double spaced and font times new roman 12.  Please place you name and date at the top of the page also.


Upload your document to Blackboard

Assignment #5

100 points


You are to write a one page paper on the following topic:

Does Facebook have any right or responsibility to store detailed information on you?  Also do they have a moral duty to remain impartial in the U.S. election and NOT push either candidate?

Remember that the paper is to be 1″margins all around, double spaced and font 12 point.  Please place you name and date at the top of the page also.


Ethics Assignment #6

 People want the right to privacy and anonymity, and yet maintain the expectation that their safety can be secured. Is this possible?  Without identity, how can there be an accountability for one’s actions?  In other words, ‘if you don’t know who did it…  how do you know who to blame?’.

 Directions: on the course Blackboard site, under  “Reference Material” – “Chapters 5 & 6”.  In there, you will find several links under the concept of “Real ID”.  Please visit the “Real Nightmare” site to learn more about concerns of the REAL ID Act.

Then, consider this question:   Would the establishment of a “National Identification” under the implementation of “Real ID” provide a greater level of security to the citizens of the United States and to the nation as a whole?

In one page, explain your position on this. Reference at least 2 places on the site that speak to the establishment of a national id and discuss whether you agree or disagree with it and why.

Please use 12 pt. font, double spacing and 1” margins. Your paper must be at least one page.

Upload your assignment to blackboard.



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