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Critical thinking

You will be expected to pick an issue which is of interest to you and plan how to tackle the question you create, for example ‘Is doping really a big issue in sport or is it expected?’ OR A critical analysis of doping in sport. This is my topic of interest. This is just a preview of how I’m going to tackle the main assignment.IT has to be  1 page but be very critical in your writing. Come up with some facts, research or empirical data

Once you have decided on a topic and a question you are to plan how to answer the question, making sure you are critical throughout (see first week’s lecture and additional material). You will have access to the marking rubric to guide your planning organising of your 1-page planning. There is a template available to help you organise your planning, feel free to submit a completed version of this template.

You should make sure you have:

  1. a) a clear question,
  2. b) definitions of key terms,
  3. c) recent research
  4. d) suggestions on how to tackle the issue


This assignment is a brief plan on how you are going to tackle the issue of your choice, it should be no more than ONE page

Critical thinking

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