Ethical Considerations

Ethical Considerations

Discussion Topic: Behavior analysts encounter a number of ethical concerns when providing services. No matter the situation, behavior analysts are charged with the responsibility of maintaining a high standard of professional behavior. The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) has established guidelines for responsible conduct for behavior analysts.

For the current discussion, you will need to review Chapter 6 in the Bailey and Burch text and the link to the BACB Guidelines for Responsible Conduct for Behavior Analysts. Then answer the following questions:

  • Discuss the importance of ethical responsibilities for the behavior analyst in the context of protecting and promoting the profession of ABA. What are some potential personal issues that might interfere with a behavior analyst’s ability to uphold the standards outlined in the BACB guideline?
  • Choose one of the standards under Guideline 1 (Responsible Conduct of a Behavior Analyst) and define it in your own words. Develop a brief scenario explaining how this standard might be violated.

This week’s Reading will center on ethical responsibilities for the behavior analyst in general and specifically as they pertain to considerations for the client.

Read the following chapters in your Ethics for Behavior Analysts text:

Chapter 6: “Responsible Conduct of a Behavior Analyst” (Guideline 1)

Chapter 7: “The Behavior Analyst’s Responsibility to Clients” (pp.71–75; pp. 83–85; pp. 96–104; Guideline 2)

Web Reading Summary and Link

Read the BACB Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts. The link is:


BACB. (2014). Code of Ethics. Retrieved from: 

Bailey, J., & Burch, M. (2011). Ethics for Behavior Analysts (2nd ed.). London: Routledge


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