Essay on globalization theories

Globalization theories essay


You just need to answer which say 2 points above questions which are #1,2,4,6,7,8

1. Name and briefly explain two of the five key tennants of the field of Global Studies (4 points)

2. Name and briefly describe the three key theoretical perspectives on cultural globalization. (4 points)

3. The collection of goals crafted by the global community with the intention of working towards the reality of a more equitable, peaceful and sustainable world were originally developed in 2000, and were re-written in 2015 and called _______________.(1 point)

4. The flood of immigrant female laborers from poor to wealthier countries is termed ________. Briefly explain the dynamics associated with this phenomenon (4 point)

5. In his book, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Friere argues that education should be ________. (1 point)

6. What is global citizenship? What is its signifiance in our contemporary world? What are challenges associated with the concept and practice? How might practicing global citizenship ‘look’ different depending on where one where one is sitting in different positions in the world? (5 points)

7. What is the difference between a growth mind-set and a fixed mindset? How do you see these concepts relating to our exploration of global studies this quarter? (2 points)

8. Name and explain two things we know are key factors to reducing poverty and building capacity for sustainable development. (4)

Globalization theories short essay

Response should demonstrate your comprehension of course themes, course readings, class discussions, films, video clips, etc. You can demonstrate comprehension by thoroughly breaking down the question, and responding from as holistic of a perspective as possible. Make sure to use and explain terminology where relevant. I am looking for your ability to analytically integrate (this is the how and why) multiple ideas, examples and resources (readings, discussions, films/videos, etc.), make connections between them, and draw conclusion.

Make explicit reference to these class materials when composing your responses. Cite outside resources. Demonstrate your ability to think deeply and broadly about these topics, and to pull together ideas. Also, I want to know what YOU think, and to hear your voice in your responses. Please don’t write more than 1 1/2 pages single spaced.

25 point response = Response was exceptionally thorough, articulate and effectively communicated. Response always effectively demonstrated comprehension of our course themes, course readings, class discussions, etc. Response demonstrated exceptional ability to integrate, synthesize and discuss these materials, make connections between them, and draw conclusions. Multiple explicit references made to class discussions, readings (examples, quotes or segments of readings), and other material throughout response. Writer’s voice is exceptionally professional, yet engaged and authentic.

Globalization theories Essay question:

1. Is our world now “flat” as argued by Thomas Friedman, or a lumpy and uneven “playing field”?

Discuss the landscape of globalization with reference to the theories of globalization we have discussed, with specific attention to the globalization of culture & the economy.

Does the direction of the globalization of culture move one way—that is toward the westernization of the globe? Or? Illustrate your response with examples. Reference at least 1 additional outside resource.

Globalization: theory and experience

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