ePortfolio assignment consists of three component

Develop an educational philosophy that includes theories of leaning and motivation.
Develop an educational philosophy that addresses the needs of students who are culturally or linguistically learners.
Develop an educational philosophy that addresses the needs of students with disabilities and other diverse learners
Develop one introductory activity that reflects your educational philosophy.
Ensure that the activity addresses an exact leaning goal and objective.
Ensure that the activity is student-centered and provides motivational tasks that engage student’s attention
Component Two
Identify and describe at least three different kinds of technologies that are currently available.
Explain how one of the chosen technologies could be used in your chosen educational profession to increase productivity and communication.
Component three
Develop a resume that is appropriate for a first- time educational position or a change in teaching position.
Develop interview questions and summarize interview responses of a person in the chosen educational profession. Please remember to inform the person of the reason for the interview and maintain any confidentiality requests.
Lists 3 to 5 websites of professional organizations or resources to assist in your chosen profession and write a brief description of each
Cover page and citations references



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