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Epidemiology Article Critique

Epidemiology Article Critique Instructions

Typed 11-point font, double-spaced, and 1-inch margins. Please use either Times New Roman or Arial.
It should be written up as a bulleted report with subheadings and section identified (i.e., A.1., A.2., etc.), as described below.

Scholarly Article Critique Student Example

A. Study Overview, based on Journal Article (8 points)

A.1. What were the objectives of the study? What association was investigated? (3 points)

A.2. What type of study was conducted (i.e., the study design)? Was it a good choice for the exposure- disease association being investigated? Consider the advantages/disadvantages of this study design, and whether other study designs could have been used to examine the association. (5 points)

B. Sample (5 points)

B.1. Describe the population from which participants were selected. Who was included in the study? Provide a description of the participants. (3 points)

B.2. How were participants selected? Describe the process of subject selection, including inclusion and exclusion criteria. (2 points)
C. Exposure (6 points)

C.1. What was the primary exposure of interest? Briefly explain how the exposure was measured. (2 points) C.2. Depending on the study design, describe how exposure groups were defined (cohort) or how participants were assigned to exposure groups (randomized controlled trial), if relevant. (2 points)
C.3. Were there measurement issues that affected the accuracy of the exposure data (i.e., reporting biases)?

Explain. (2 points)

D. Outcome (4 points)

D.1. What was the primary outcome(s) of interest? How the outcome was measured? (2 points)
D.2. Were there measurement issues that affected the accuracy of the outcome assessment? Explain. (2 points)

E. Analysis and Results

Symptomology, etiology and epidemiology

E.2. Describe the major quantitative result of the study, including the measure of stability, and interpretation. You do not need to describe all of the results in detail. Briefly explain the primary finding of the study – and justify why you think this is the major finding. (6 points)

Epidemiology Article Critique

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