Environmental studies and Forestry

Each student will be required to turn in their own individual mid-term paper. The mid-term project will constitute 30% of the student’s final grade for the course. (30 points).


Discuss your exposure to climate issues either in your country or in your business
or with your friends. What arguments would you use to convince skeptics that this issue
should be taken seriously? How do climate issues impact your country or your business?
Type of Papers: Papers may be literature-based (summarizing, synthesizing, and
discussing several sources and/or viewpoints on a particular topic) or investigation-based
(asking and addressing a question that may require acquiring data).



The paper should have zooo~3ooo words for undergraduate students, 3ooo~4ooo
words For graduate students, and double spaced (standard Font size and margins). Papers
should include an abstract, body, summary, conclusion, and references, though the
specific sections may vary with the paper.


Papers should be well-written, thoroughly edited, and Free of spelling and
grammar mistakes.


All sources must be appropriately cited. Plagiarism of any kind will not be
tolerated and may result in a Failing grade.

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