English essay

The annotated bibliography, thesis and outline for this essay

Length : 3-5 pages, not including works cited page, double-spaced using a 12 point Times New Roman or Calibri font (in MLA format)

Sources: You must use a minimum of 3 reliable sources, in addition to the film or films you use as your subject matter.

Documentation: All sources must be cited within your work using signal phrases and in-text citations and must be included on a works cited. The paper must also adhere to MLA guidelines for formatting, in-text citations and the WC page.

The Prompt–For this paper our theme is “Hollywood vs. History.” The purpose here is to compare and analyze the way Hollywood has represented one part of history and make a claim as to it’s accuracy. Your thesis will ultimately answer this question: How does the Hollywood version compare to the historical account?

Note: You may also use a novel in place of a film to make your historical comparison.You may select any one of the subjects below. I’m sure there are some excellent topics not listed here. Feel free to explore one if you feel so inspired, but please get it cleared first by Andrea.

I offered some brief tips to get you started, but you can go in a different direction with any of these as long as you are confident that you are adhering to the assignment requirements.

The Wild West: There are a ton of places to explore the Hollywood side of this subject. What was it really like?

Queen Elizabeth or any of the Tudor’s such as Henry the 8th: If you watch the films that are out there, you’ll start to discover that they often conflict each other, not to mention their lack of historical accuracy.

Early Native Americans: Most films depict them in a fairly savage light, but is this accurate?

Vampires: There is an endless supply of vampire films to use as material. You will need to research what this legend is based on and compare it to how well Hollywood has stuck to the story.

Pirates: Again, tons of material out there.

The Holocaust

Hugh Glass

This assignment will contain three parts: your annotated bibliography, your thesis and your outline.

Directions: After reading the instructions for essay 2, begin researching your topic. In your submission for this assignment, include the following:
1. Annotated bibliography: Construct an annotated bibliography with a minimum of five sources. See below for what should be in the AB. (30 points)
2. Your thesis (3 points)
3. Your outline (3 points)***As with the last essay, I will look these over as quickly as possible and get you some feedback on that thesis and outline, so you can get crackin’ on writing the essay.

The Details: The AB: While in your essay I only require a minimum of 3 sources to be used, to ensure you do more thorough research, at least five sources must be included in this assignment.

For all five sources include the following:The full source listing in MLA format (like what you list in a WC page) arranged in alphabetical order (3 points each/15 total)
A summary of the source. (3 points each/15 total)

The thesis and outline: you know what to do here. If not, please go back to week 2 and review.

***An annotated bibliography (AB) is essentially a compilation of sources found when researching a topic. It contains the source listing in MLA format and an annotation which usually includes a summary of the source and any other material your instructor assigns. It’s basically where you record your research. The difference between an AB and a works cited page is that the WC includes only the works that you actually cite in your paper and no annotations are included.

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