English Essay

In this project, you will put together all the elements of the short story you have learned.

Here is your goal for this assignment:

Plan, write, and revise a short story

Construct a plot outline. Be sure that your plot has a dilemma, at least one complication, a climax, and a resolution.

Write a short story using the plot outline and the character sketches you have prepared in the earlier project. Use dialogue, narration, and description in developing the four short story elements. Briefly state the theme of your story.

When a story has been completed, it should be reread carefully. Mechanical errors should be corrected and any inconsistencies or shortcomings noted. If you find that the plot does not flow smoothly, recheck your plot outline. Make sure that no steps were left out and that your story has no “loose ends.” Be sure that the style of your story suits the subject matter. Tone should not clash with atmosphere. Check your characters’ diction as carefully as you check

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