English Course work assignment

English Assignment:

What parts of this course have you found the most helpful? Are there things that you have learned that you can put to immediate use? Are there things that you learned that you think you will put to future use? What will you do to continue improving your writing on your own?

Also think about the projects and assignments we have done. Which have been the most helpful? Which have been the most relevant to your chosen field of study?

Also think about our text. Which chapters were the most helpful? What would you have liked to see added?
Class: syllabus below on what we have done so far:

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English Week 1
• Introduction to Course—submit practice assignment by Friday for extra credit
• Read Chapter 1. Identify your field of study.

Week 2
• Read Chapter 2: Your reader. (Identifying audience for your field of study). Also read chapter 11, pages 293-311.
• Start “Assignment 1: Your Resume”

Week 3
• Read Chapter 4: Ethics, & 11: Your Career
1. Case Study: pg. 117. How do you respond?
2. Case Study: pg. 150. How do you respond?
• Continue to refine resume. Post a draft on the discussion board for feedback.
• Identify types of writing done in your field of study. Ethics in the Technical Workplace

English Week 4
• Read Chapter 5—Letters, Memos, and E-mail
• Resume due—Assignment 1. Submit to the assignment box.

English Week 5
• Continue Chapter 5—sample emails, letters, or memos. Begin Ch. 8

Week 6
• Chapter 8—Proposals (Chs. 12-17, as needed)

English Week 7
• Discussions due by 9 AM. Late work is not accepted!
• Continue Chapter 8 and appendix C, as needed
• (Chs. 12-17, as needed)

Week 8
• Chs.8, 12-17, as needed

Week 9
• Read Chapter 16: Plain and Persuasive Style

English Week 10
• Read Chapters 17, 18, and 20

English Week 11 Read Chapters 17-20, as needed.
• Discussions due by 9 AM. Late work is not accepted!

English Week 12
• Read Chapters 17-20, as needed.

Week 13
• Read Chapter 21

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