In a three-to-five page research paper (750-1250 words) referencing at least two pieces of literary criticism, please analyze the significance of the seven elements of fiction—plot, character, setting, point of view, style, theme, and symbolism—for either, Dreaming in Cuban, by Cristina Garcia, or Funny in Farsi, by Firoozeh Dumas. To help you understand better The Seven Elements of Fiction, go to the Bedford/St. Martin’s website: Elements of Fiction. The link is posted here, and it should be listed in your “Works Cited” as one of your sources– although it cannot count as one of your two minimum sources of literary criticism. In other words, this reference should be in addition to the other sources of literary criticism you consult to understand better the author, novel, culture, context, and/or genre.

You will want to treat each element fully and persuasively, citing concrete evidence from the novel to support your ideas. Claims should be well-reasoned and supported, engaging and insightful, deep and compelling. Your essay should have an inviting introduction and a satisfying conclusion with strong and varied sentence structure. Transitions should help with fluidity and coherence. Grammar and usage should contribute to the overall meaning of the piece. Please limit your quotations to no more than 10% of the entire essay, with your voice driving the essay. Cite all sources using MLA format correctly. Please double-space your essay.

Your essay will be evaluated in terms of content (the thoughts, ideas, reasoning, logic, and originality of the piece), organization (the internal structure of the piece), style (the way the words and phrases flow throughout the text), grammar (the grammatical correctness of the piece), and MLA format (the correct and full documentation of the sources in the work). Each of the criteria evaluated will be worth 20 points for a 100 point total.
View the full, detailed rubric for this assignment: Writing Rubric for ENG 15

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