Task 1

Determine the distribution of shear force, bending moment and stress due to bending in the simply
supported uniform beam shown in the figure below, the beam self-weight is included in the uniformly
distributed load.

Task 2
a) If a steel ‘I’ beam (such as RSJ, Universal Beam, Universal Colum and Bull Head), has the following
design parameters in the table below.
Select a suitable size of beam that will satisfy the parameters using the table of standard rolled steel
beams such as BS4.

Second Moment of Area x-x Radius of G ation Death of Section

14 136

b) A 5-metres tall column is manufactured from using a Universal ‘1 – Section’. A load of 2MN is applied
on the x-axis 20omm from the centroid. Showing work to:
i) Calculate the stress at the outer edges of the x axis.
ii) Calculate the slenderness ratio.
iii) Selection of a suitably size of column that satisfies your calculations using a table for Universal

Task 3
A circular hollow shaft has an external diameter of 10omm and internal diameter of 8omm. It
transmits a 75okW of power at 1200 rpm.
a) Calculate the maximum and maximum shear stress acting on the shaft, and
b) Determine the angular deflection/twist over a 2-metres length.
Take G = 75 GN/mm2
Task 4

In many built environments such as tower blocks, factories, warehouses, docks, airports and theme
parks, the design and fabrication of the supporting structures present designers with many engineering
problems that need to meet the appropriate safety standards so that failure and accidental collapse
does not occur.

Explain the approach that you have taken in solving each of the tasks in this assignment, making
references to theories involved in the solutions.

Use alternative methods to check your solutions, and state any assumptions that you have made,
where applicable.

Task 5

Your manager has asked that you write a report explaining the engineering problems that you have
solved. Include a conclusion to explain your understanding of the theories involved and your views on
what you have learnt from this assignment making reference to standard text books and how this
learning will aid you in the future tasks/jobs in addition to what you have learnt.

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