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EEO and related employment laws

Write a paper (approx. 1000 words) on this week’s topic, which are EEO and related employment laws.

From your reading and our discussion this week describe why it is important to have equal opportunity laws and policies at work?

Include your own ideas on workplace protection and examples from your experience when people have been treated unfairly.

Examples can be on age discrimination, pregnancy discrimination etc. (Review the Chapter 2). Conduct research and support your points with concepts and theories from your research. From Chapter 3, obtain ideas on how Human Resource professionals implement and measure policies and practices to ensure a fair workplace. Use APA style for referencing.

Required Textbook for EEO and related employment laws

If you haven’t already, purchase your required books immediately so you’re ready to start our first week:
Book Title, Dessler, Gary, Human Resource Management, Eleventh Edition, ISBN-13-978-0-13-174617-6

• Note: This version is an older version and acceptable and can be purchased at Amazon for just a few dollars.
Other Specific Course Resources
In addition to the textbook, we will use the following online resources:
• Websites
• Google Sites (e-portfolio)
• Google Hangout
• Tutorials
• Readings
• You Tube
• Blogs – WordPress – online blogging tool for student use. It is suggested that students utilize the resources below to prep for the semester.

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