Educational environment

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Using your observations, write about your educational environment, work, or a store visit. Include details of your actions and environment using sensory details.

Make sure your observation is of a present event that is re-observable. In other words, do not choose a subject from past experience (i.e. a vacation, trip, etc). Remember, this is an event you can observe more than once which will allow you to find more sensory details in later drafts.

Make sure your draft has at least 5 paragraphs, including an introductory paragraph that states your purpose and focus. Your body paragraphs must also be organized around topic sentences. Finish off your working draft with a concluding paragraph. Try to organize these paragraphs and base your topic sentences on your underlying purpose.

Remember that writers often find it helpful to write a working thesis statement to get started, and then return to write the opening paragraph after completion of the rest of the essay. A working thesis can be sharpened, modified, and improved once your complete the draft and know more clearly what your writing expresses.

PURPOSE: A descriptive observation in the present.

AUDIENCE: A group of classmates representing diverse cultures, ethnicities, ages, and interests.

LENGTH: 300—500 words

FORMAT: Multi-paragraph essay in MLA


RUBRIC: Make sure your working draft includes the elements of an evaluation and that it meets the criteria described in the Personal Observation Essay

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