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Tasks to Complete Prior to Seminar 3

Readings: Powell. Your Introduction to Education. Chapter 9 and Chapter 3

Go to the website,, locate the department for exceptional children and review the website for the division.

Please review the 2007 Procedures Governing Programs for Exceptional Children and become familiar with its organization of information.




Written Assignment 1:
Research “gifted education” and make notes. Include, at least, the following information:
1. definitions of gifted education
2. methods of delivering services to gifted students
3. psychological/affective domain needs of gifted students
Respond to the following questions:
1. What are the areas of exceptionality recognized by NC? List Areas of exceptionality
2. Describe the characteristics of each exceptionality.
3. Explain the entire placement process for exceptional children from pre-referral to placement.
4. What is the function of an IEP?
5. IFSP ?
6. Define Individualized Education Plans (IFSP/IEP)
7. What are the required components of an IEP? And IFSP?



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