1. Pick only one week’s topic from Module 1 (Either COOPERATIVE LEARNING, TALK, and DISCIPLINE -or- LEARNING STYLES: Multiple Intelligences, Meeting Needs of Diversity)
2. Write a 1-2 page critical takeaway from the week’s readings
Please note:
You will prepare a one page/double spaced/ Times 12 pt font written response to the weekly readings, which are “critical takeaways,” which will be graded based on the extent to which you analyze the text. A summary or description of the text will result in an unsatisfactory grade.
Choose an issue from the readings; develop the issue as well as your own point of view towards the issue.
Ask yourself as you do the weekly readings: is this reading causing me to think differently about this issue and if so how?
Refine, expand or refute the author’s position.
Include any questions that the reading has raised for you.

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