Ecotourism Principles And Practicing Spring

Ecotourism Principles And Practicing Spring

Research papers: REQUIRED OF ALL
One (1) – 10 page paper on any UNESCO World Heritage site, or National or State Park in any country.
To include the following: (200 Points)
Bibliography of more than 5 different sources
Discuss any of the following topics, you do not need to discuss all of them
Why is this park or site significant?
If UNESCO what were the factors that got it nominated?
If a National or State Park – what is the important historical, cultural or environmental considerations for the park
The impact of tourism on the economy both on a local level and a national level
The impact of tourism on the local culture
The impact of tourism on the environment and local wildlife
How is the location dealing with the environmental impact of tourism?
What plans do they currently have in place to combat any ecological damage being done?
What programs do they have to educate the local population and the visiting tourists?
Do they have any sustainability issues?
What is the park or site doing to give back to the community
Who supports them? Both monetarily and otherwise.
What plans do they have for the future of the area?
Form an unbiased opinion
Points to remember
If you quote a source, you must give credit. – forget to give credit 25 points off for each
Using a number that refers back to your numbered bibliographic list will be fine.
Do not bullet point the paper, use paragraphs. You will lose points
Do not use heading for each paragraph. You will lose points
You can include up to 1 page worth of pictures in your paper
Do not count the cover page nor the bibliography paper as part of your ten (10) pages
You should use APA format as a writing style for the paper.
Use Spell check – Spelling counts. Points off for bad spelling
Good grammar counts
Read over your paper, if something you wrote does not make sense to you it will not make sense to me – points off
If you come to a conclusion, it must be reflected in your writing, do not make blanket statements without a sound backup – bad logic – points off


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