Economics Assignment

Economics Assignment Paper

You are to choose 1 of the following developing countries to analyze. No more than 10 people can analyze each country. You may work in groups as long as each student hands in their own assignment and of course that the assignments are not the same! There will be a sign-up list to sign up for the countries on OWL. Go to site info on OWL, and joinable groups. It will be a first-come first-served basis. If you would like to analyze another developing country that is not on the list, check with me first.

The total assignment should be approximately 4 pages, double-spaced, in Times New Roman, 12 font, not including the title page and bibliography. Please include a title page, with your name, student number and the name of the country you are analyzing. I am marking for content, not spelling and grammar. However, I expect submissions to be written in standard essay style (sentences and paragraphs, but no thesis statement or conclusion is necessary) and proper footnoting/sourcing/in text citation
is crucial.

Your Economics Assignment Task

1) In a table, list the key statistics for your country. These must include, but are not limited to the following: population, population growth rate, GNI (GDP) per capita, GDP growth rates, infant mortality rate (or similar), literacy (or illiteracy rate), life expectancy, Gini coefficient, Human Development Index, unemployment rate and percentage of the population living below the poverty line. If
applicable to your country you may list exports and/or agriculture as a share of GDP. Try to obtain recent statistics and provide dates of the statistics you obtain. You should not be using estimated statistics, but actual statistics. (State your sources underneath your table). (3 marks)

2) State 3 key problems that you feel face the country. Explain why you feel that these are the main problems facing the country and why you think the problems matter economically. If the problems do not relate to the statistics in your table, you MUST provide credible references sourcing that the problems exist. (9 marks: 1 mark for identifying each problem and 2 marks for saying why it matters economically)

3) Suggest 3 economic policies that you would recommend to help this country. Explain how these policies will help this country, relating the policies to the material and theory discussed in class. It is not acceptable to just say, “we did not do this in class”. If it contradicts theory discussed in class, say so and explain why. Your arguments should have an economic focus, rather than political for example. The majority of your analysis should be spent on the suggested policies. At least two of your three policies MUST relate to class content. One policy only may deal with material not covered in class.

(18 marks: 1 mark for suggesting a specific policy and 5 marks for explaining the economic effects of the policy such as productivity, growth, tax revenue, FDI, employment, MDG stats, etc)

4) Include a bibliography listing where you obtained your country statistics and any other relevant information. You should also be footnoting or using in-text citation for all the facts that you are stating in your assignment. (3 marks)

5) Submit your assignment to; instructions to follow. If your paper is not submitted to turnitin (on OWL) it will not be marked.2

Economics Assignment Instructions

Penalties will be applied for assignments less than 2 pages and more than 6 pages, not counting the
Title Page or Bibliography or any tables/statistics provided. Please include a title page, which should
have your name, student number and the country that you are analyzing.
The following penalty schedule will be applied for all late assignments:
Late paper penalties :

50 points 1- 24 hours late
no credit if more than 24 hours late.
Note: I will NOT accept excuses such as “ I can’t open the file”,” I lost the disk”, etc. I highly recommend
that you save multiple versions of your assignment on your hard drive and on disk.
Note: I will accept e-mail submissions, and the penalty will be applied (if applicable) according to the
time received. However, you must still provide me with a paper copy under my door or in person. I will
not mark the papers unless I receive a paper copy. If I have not received a paper copy within 24 hours
of the due date, penalties will begin to accrue, even if the e-mail submission was on time.

Economics Assignment Sources:

Your statistics should be from official sources, such as the World Bank (especially the World Bank
Development Report or country studies), the OECD, the IMF, the CIA Factbook or official government
sources. I would highly recommend going to the government publications area in Weldon Library for
assistance. Be careful when searching on the web, that you are using credible sources, such as the above.
Some Suggested Countries:
1. Colombia
2. Venezuela
3. South Africa
4. Bulgaria
5. Honduras
6. Chad
7. Uganda
8. Ethiopia
9. Paraguay
10. Ghana
11. Cambodia
12. Nicaragua
13. Guatemala
Other possibilities: Eastern European countries (former Soviet bloc), other countries in Africa, Latin
America, Southeast Asia.
You cannot do: China, India, Botswana, Bolivia, and Haiti.

Fundamental Concepts in Managerial Economics

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