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Identify one manufacturing company that you are familiar with, possibly you purchase their products, or plan to purchase their products, and report to your fellow classmates the following information:
1) Typical products manufactured by this company, including brand names
2) Typical raw materials used by this company for its products
3) Types of processes used by the company in its production
4) Do they have any plans to begin manufacturing any new products in the future, or possibly discontinue any they currently make? If so, please explain.
5) Tell us why you chose this company. This is a discussion, so give us your opinions. If you enjoy their products, believe they are of high quality, etc. Please explain. If you work for a manufacturing company, this would be a good chance to tout the wonderful products you make.
Often, you can find information on these specifics in a company’s annual reports. Once you determine a company, you can usually find the annual reports on its web

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