Economic Thought in Historical Perspective

Research paper

How to explain economic recessions? The debate on the possibility of a general glut of markets. Think in this context about the work of D. Ricardo, T. Malthus, and J.B. Say.

Write an essay in academic style of no more than 2200 words.


Grades depend on the following items:

Structure of your argument (20%)

  • E.g. logical set up of your paper.
  • Very important in this context: (1) Formulate a clear research question, (2) Ensure that you answer that question at the end of the paper.

Use of sources (10%)

  • Quality sources. Minimum 9 sources. 5 from the important works of the authors mentioned above (D. Ricardo, T. Malthus, and J.B. Say) and the remaining half of those sources have to be academic articles from journals. Only use the UVA online library catalogue plus to find those academic articles.

Theoretical analysis (60%) 

  • This refers to the validity of the economic reasoning involved.

Writing skills (10%) 

  • Be creative and clear!


Last Updated on February 10, 2019