Domestic Terrorism

Domestic Terrorism


Write each question in the sequence below and type the responses below them. Use different references including your textbooks; "Domestic Terrorism and Incident Management", and "Terrorism in America".

1.Define domestic terrorism. In what ways is it functionally different from international terrorism? Distinguish between domestic terrorism from above and domestic terrorism from below. Give examples.

2.Compare and contrast the tactics used by the FBI to handle the Ruby Ridge standoff and the Montana Freeman standoff. Suggest ways to better handle the situations.

3.Watch the 1-minute video on homegrown single interest terrorist groups. Retrieved from

Based on the video, which homegrown single interest terrorist group do you think poses the greatest threat to the U.S.? Give reasons.

4.How do racism, religion, and anti-government sentiment bind the various right-wing terrorist groups? What impact did the constitutional amendment on the right to bear arms have on these groups? How has Odinism become a part of the right-wing’s ideologies?

5.Describe in detail the groups Greenpeace and PETA. Are either of these a terrorist organization? Why or why not? Discuss the tactics used by these groups and explain whether these tactics are ethical and/or lawful.

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