Does international trade help developing countries?

Outline requirement

A thesis topic question you are going to address

A list of references you will rely on in your paper; these references should provide the basis for the alternative views to your thesis question.

A brief outline (1 page) of the essay, including the main arguments for both sides of the debate

Be exactly for the outline, make each part of outline states clear.


Paper requirement

Offer a common presumption about a subject, and then offer an alternative view based on economic thinking/logic.

You have to report on the debate, that is, you have to describe why some people think the answer is yes (give their economic justifications), an describe why some people think the answer is no (and give their economic justifications.

Example Topic: Many believe minimum wage laws are used to correct a failure in labor markets, but, forcing higher wages actually interferes with the market system and leads to higher unemployment

The essay should be at least 5 pages

APA format

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