Discussion questions

Please answer the questions below. They do not have have to be long but need to be straight to the point. Please label them seperately according to the way they are numbered.

1) Provide an example where you have compared a good or service by its value. How did your assessment of value led to a purchase (or non-purchase) decision?

2) Discuss some analytical or graphical approaches that organizations can use for analyzing performance data based on your experience, lecture slides and chapter reading.

3) Select a business with which you are familiar and provide examples of customers using search, experience, and credence quality to evaluate the good or service.

4) Explain the interlinking model of quality and profitability . How does it connect to business and operations strategy? Can you provide any examples of goods and services that support and add credibility to this model?

5)Provide some examples of customer- and provider-routed services that you have encountered. Can you identify any improvements to these processes?

Last Updated on February 11, 2019