Discussion Forum, Reading Critically & Transitions Homework

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Homework 1: Discussion Forum 

Please choose one of the following topics and write a discussion post of about 200 words:

  1. The first assigned article this week, from the NY Times, is now two months old. Do some  web research to find more recent data on racial disparities among COVID patients in the  U.S., and summarize what numbers have changed. The newer articles that you find, do they  give exactly the same explanation for the racial disparities, or which aspects does each one  emphasize? What do you think the biggest problems are in this area?
  2. Most Californians have never heard of Imperial County, the subject of the second article  this week, from the LA Times. Do some preliminary web research about this place, and  summarize your findings. What is it known for, or what seems important about it? What do  you think life is like there? Based on what you’ve found, why do you think it has the highest  COVID rates in the state?

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Homework 2: Reading Critically 

What are the 3 types of note taking methods described in this lesson? Which one do you  mostly prefer?

Which of the 2 paragraphs on page 235 does a better job at marking important in-text words  and ideas?

What are the 5 suggested types of marginal notes?





Homework 3: Transitions 

What are 3 transition words or phrases that can begin a conclusion?

What are 3 transition words or phrases that can acknowledge an opposing  viewpoint/counterargument?

What are 3 transition words or phrases that can help introduce evidence?

What are 3 transition words or phrases that can establish the order of importance of your  claims?

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