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Week 6 DB Post + Critique

1. Answer the following question and post your answer to the Discussion Board for approximately 400 words, achieving graduate-quality


• What evaluative criteriado you think will be relevant for our policy topic chosen for this term (HIV Rates in Black Men)? Why?

o Hint 1: as always, make sure you watch the mini-lectures associated with this week’s reading before answering the question.
o Hint 2: the word “criteria” is plural.

2. Critique the answer posted by one of your classmates as assigned


1. Post Requirements:
• Each post should be well-developed, well-organized, and well-formatted, and free of writing errors. The post should demonstrate that

you have truly mastered the concepts and readings involved, and that you can apply them to a real-world policy issue. These posts will feed

into Assignment #1 and #2, so take time to develop them with adequate thought and reflection.
o Posts are generally from 400-500 words, though there is no word count requirement per se.
The forums have a “post first” requirement, which means you won’t see your classmates’ posts until you have posted.
2. Critique Requirements:
• Go in and critique a peer’s post (preferably one that hasn’t received a critique yet). Post as a thread to the peer’s original post.
o Considering the requirements of the assignment,
 tell your peer what they did well and what needs improvement (pretend you are a nice teacher).
The critiques should be well-developed, thorough, and thoughtful (these typically range around 200 words, though going over or under is fine–

no word count requirement here). No response to the critique is required, but is encouraged if your response will further understanding
The post set will be graded after the critiques are in. Late posts/critiques will not be graded.

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