8. After reading the Fox-Keller piece and watching the module, find an example of something that has been in the media, sciences, or any other realm of society, where a bias was corrected due to feminism. It can be a scientific discovery, a social policy, etc. Try to be as original with your research as possible. Try to incorporate some info from the module in your original post.

8-EC. You have to write a specific question about some concept that you are having a really hard time with. Take a look back at the previous weeks. Make your question as specific as possible–e.g., don’t say something like “what is knowledge anyway…?”

8-EC:R. In last week’s reading regarding ‘ Goodmans Gruesome Problem” what is the difference (and definition) of projectable predicate and non-projectable predicate?

7. In your own words and using your own original example, summarize one of the puzzles of induction mentioned in the reading and/or video module.

6. In your own words, describe the gettier problem that is post to the justified true belief account of knowledge. Use an original example for your description.

4. After going through the module as well as the reading, answer the following question and SUPPORT your answer with evidence that confirms it: Are the amputees by choice rational? Why or why not? Cite evidence from the article and/or module.

2. Question: In what way do you take data on things in the world? Similar to my examples of Facebook and Search Engines for the prediction of the flu, we are constantly involved in data. But I want you to think about how you take data. Be as creative as possible. For example, any time there is a recording, observation, conversation, or maybe even a thought, there is data. You can take data on nature, society, time periods, individuals, and yourself.
The requirement: 1) Your task is to answer this question creatively. 2) Make sure to APPLY lessons from van Fraassen from this week. One simple way is to think how representation and perspective work in your example.

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