1. Meaningful Use

This module discussed national priorities for health care and how meaningful use strategies could help move these efforts forward. For this discussion, in 250 words or more:

Explain meaningful use and the implementation stages of meaningful use.

Discuss how meaningful use and patient portals have or can directly help you and your family achieve more positive health outcomes.

Discuss how meaningful use can promote public health?



National Health Priorities and Reducing Disparities

Throughout this course, we have learned about the different aspects of the U.S. Health Care System, and how they work together to promote improved health. We have also learned that there are disparities in health outcomes for specific populations, often considered to be vulnerable.

In this discussion forum, I would like you to:

1) Explain the relationships that exist between national health priorities, HealthyPeople 2020 goals and their attempts to reduce disparities. Consider answering some of the following:

How are national health priorities determined?

What role do HealthyPeople goals have in promoting national health priorities?

How may HealthyPeople goals be used to target specific efforts to reduce health disparities?

2) Based on your readings about the Pre-Capstone and Capstone courses, what type of mentor will you try to find and where might your mentor/project fit within the health care system and/or national health priorities?****(Case management in Behavioral Health)

  1. Summary

This course has given you a broad overview of the U.S. Health Care System including strengths and limitations. Based on this information and your personal experiences, if you could design your own quality health care system:

What elements would it include and explain why?

How would you pay for it (remember that only half of the population pays into federal income taxes, and the U.S. already has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world)?



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