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Designing An Assessment Centre

  • CDU wants to develop an Assessment Centre for the recruitment of their Lecturing staff. CDU has asked you as an Organisational Psychologist to design an Assessment Centre.
    Your design should cover the following details:
  • 1. What job and organisational analysis issues do you think will need to be addressed to successfully develop the assessment centre?
  • 2. Identify the components of your proposed Assessment centre:•Briefly describe each component of your assessment centre (some examples can be found in the figure and in the links provided below), and •Provide a brief rationale for each components’ inclusion (including any assumptions you make)
  • 3. How could performance be assessed for each component and who should oversee assessing said components?


Minimum 5 peer reviewed journal articles from last 5 years – APA 7th edition



For additional information, here are a couple of sites and videos that can offer insights into the processes and the content of an Assessment Centre.

A blog that outlines many of the components an Assessment Centre can have:

A podcast that describes the characteristics of Assessment Centres and some examples: (listen from 1:53 to 5:35)

Last Updated on May 4, 2020

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