Design of energy system

Design of energy system

Please make a presentation. You can use online materials and chapter-1 Fluid flow through pipes to make your presentations.

Question-1: 1 Show only the sketches (drawings) of 5 systems where the design of the energy system is observed.

Question-2: Describe fundamental equations of fluid mechanics and figure 1. (section# 1-2)

Question-3: Describe equations 1-5 to 1-19 and connections between them. (section# 1-2)

Question-4: Describe how equations 1-8 and 1-9 can help you design an energy system. What terms represent pump power and losses? (section# 1-2)

Questions from section (1-3)

  1. What is the head loss? Describe the equations 1-10 and 1-12. What is the difference between fD-W and Ff. Discuss Moody chart in figure 1-4.
  2. Discuss figure 1-5 and explain relative roughness.
  3. Describe equations 1-14 to 1-17c. Describe the importance of this equation, parts of the equations.
  4. What are the hydraulic diameter and corresponding Reynolds number. (equation 18). Give example where hydraulic diameters are useful.
  5. What are the minor head losses? Describe the difference in equations for major and minor head losses.
  6. Explain minor losses in table 4 and page 15.
  7. Describe the equation 1-20 to 1-22. How these equations are different from the basic Bernoulli equation 1-16. You can look at file down if you need it.

Design of energy system

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