Deposit Insurance method between India vs United States

You will analyze Deposit Insurance method between India vs United States

Your paper should cover the following topics

• A description of the deposit insurance of the financial system in India that you are analyzing

• How the system India differs from the system in U.S.

• Possible explanations for why the system in India is different

• How would the approach taken in India work if it were used in the U.S.

• Are there other differences in the financial system in India that makes the approach you have described more appropriate for India?

The website of the International Monetary Fund may be a useful source of information about financial institutions and markets in foreign countries. If you speak the language, the website of the central bank of that country will generally also be useful.

The paper should be5 pages double-spaced. Graphs and tables should not be counted as part of the length. Points will be subtracted for papers that are poorly organized or poorly written. Being able to undertake careful analysis and present your ideas clearly will be important in any job you are likely to have in the future.

You should back up any assertions with examples and/or data. Because of the length restrictions, you will likely not be able to cover all aspects of the systems. Thus, your comparison of the U.S and foreign systems should focus on the most important aspects of the systems.

How Can Indirect Deposit Insurance Work in Digital Finance?

Identifying sources when analyzing Deposit Insurance method between India vs United States

You must include at least 3 sources of information in your paper. All sources should be listed in a bibliography. Any format can be used to list sources as long as it identifies the source sufficiently for it can be found.

Where you have used Internet sources include the url where you found the source along with the normal information you would include in a bibliography. Where you refer directly to a source it should be footnoted either in the paragraph or at the bottom of the page.



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